Monday, June 22, 2009

Advanced Palliative Care Communities (APCCs) - What Distinguishes Them?

What is it about Advanced Palliative Care Communities (APCCs) read here that distinguishes them from other communities (or regions) when it comes to providing care to those with end-stage disease? One is the presence of an organized provider network collaborating on the delivery of palliative care in many settings of care throughout the community. Another is the documentation of, and adherence to, patient preferences. Think POLST or similar tools. Surely, these attributes do not come about on their own. We’ve looked more closely at the deployment of palliative medicine specialists in these communities (APCCs) and have found greater numbers (than in other similar communities) of physicians practicing palliative medicine and greater use of those physicians in clinical consultative roles in multiple settings throughout the community. What does not matter, we've found, is the organizational sponsor (or employer) of these palliative medicine physicians.

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