Friday, November 6, 2009

Palliative Medicine Physician Compensation

In delivering current information to help clients and candidates and make informed recruitment and career decisions, DAI Palliative Care Group compiles and updates compensation information for physicians with a full-time practice in hospice and palliative medicine (HPM). We know how important the latest trends in physician salaries and compensation are to the negotiation process. These statistically evaluated results pinpoint mean (average) and median HPM physician compensation by:

§ Region
§ Title
§ Size of organization
§ Gender

Earlier this year, DAI Palliative Care Group made available for purchase, for the first time, the 2008 report for HPM physician compensation. We are currently updating this compensation information, and will soon have available the 2009 Report. As you might expect, compensation rose nearly 10%. And as you might also expect, compensation for full-time HPM physicians continues to lag behind other primary care sub-specialties - that of family practitioners by 9% , and internists and hospitalists by nearly 15%.
While overall numbers do not yet suggest a groundswell movement, more employers/practices are shifting away from straight salary to a combination of income guarantee and productivity incentives.

Drop me an email at , mention that you saw a reference to the Report on this blog, and I'll arrange to have the 2009 Report sent to you electronically (in PDF format) at a professional courtesy rate. It could be worth thousands to you.

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