Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Different Paths, But Same Destination

I've learned that there are many paths to a full-time practice in Hospice and Palliative Medicine(HPM).

Two physicians (Drs. Cote and Martin) with thriving hospice and palliative medicine practices are profiled in the most recent issue of HPM Practitioner. Both started in private practice, one in internal medicine and the other in family medicine. One put down roots in his native Rhode Island after completing his residency, started working part-time for the local hospice and gradually increased his role until the hospice position became full-time 21 years later. The other has practiced in diverse hospice settings and moved his family cross-country several times in pursuit of opportunities for career development. But both are doing the work they love in hospice and palliative medicine full-time, seeing patients while building innovative end-of-life care programs.

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