Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leadership Competencies in Exemplar Late-life Communities

What competencies are common among the leaders in exemplar palliative care communities, I'm asked from time to time. At the risk of oversimplifying, I'll suggest three

These community leaders, whether professional managers, physicians, or nurses, are particularly skilled at envisioning, energizing, and stimulating a change process that coalesces communities, patients, and professionals around new models of late-life care. These leaders have an uncanny ability to align their own priorities with those of the organization and the needs and values of the community. Call this a transformation competency.

These leaders display the ability to use metrics and evidence-based techniques to hold stakeholders to high standards of performance, using force of personality rather than the power of one's position. These leaders also understand the formal and informal decision-making structures around late-life care. In other words, they are adept at execution, translating vision and strategy into optimal organizational AND community performance.

And, these leaders are competent at building and sustaining relationships that evolve into networks, and take a personal interest in coaching and mentoring others. Put another way, these leaders possess exceptional people skills.

What competencies have I overlooked? I'd like to hear from this blog's readers.

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