Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recruiting in Markets Where Demand Exceeds Supply

From time to time, clients inquire how they might best recruit a talented palliative care specialist. I've found success by utilizing recruitment approaches that have produced results in other markets where demand for talent exceeds its supply. In such markets, the scales are tipped in favor of the professional, in this case, the palliative medicine specialist.

How to best restore a balance? By understanding how specialists in short supply make career decisions, and then using methods that can best reach those "passive" candidates. The most commonly used method - job board postings - are most effective in reaching "actively-looking" candidates, usually in markets where supply exceeds demand. Such postings will typically not work in reaching "passive" candidates, since these individuals know well that, because of their relative scarcity, securing a new position is relatively easy.

Candidates in short supply need to be "approached and asked" and then "sparked and nurtured". This process is very demanding of time on the part of the hiring company /manager, and so frequently the "inside" recruitment team will be strengthened on an adhoc basis by bringing on a recruitment specialist with insider knowledge of the particular market.

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